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Harbour Furniture


A business model that slashes prices. A home filled with smart furniture is not only a special joy to share with family and friends, it is also more attractive to buyers. At Albany-based Harbour Furniture you'll find the finest quality products at prices that won't break the bank!


Our iconic store is your one-stop shop for all your furniture requirements. Having been in the business for 28 years, we have a clear idea of what customers need. The advantage of dealing with a professional like us is you get the personal touch and great furniture with a contemporary flavour.


Most customers are knocked off their feet when they look at the prices and compare the quality. While the quality is often several notches above the rest, the price can be up to 50 per cent cheaper.


Harbour Furniture are able to offer such low prices thanks to their unique business model. The Italian design furniture is manufactured under strict quality controls; often the stock is shipped straight to the customer, reducing costs in a big way. Because of our flexible style of business, the customer can get even the largest chaise lounge in three days!


Due to such innovative practices Harbour Furniture has built up a loyal customer base who appreciate our attention to service. At first people are surprised to find us here and then when they discover our low prices and high quality they come back again and again...and they bring their friends.


As well as the full range of stylish furniture, you'll also find the right stuff for your children. They will love the particular colour ranges designed specifically for boys and girls. And you can pick up some decorating ideas too, as the store features room accents such as paintings, lamps and area rugs, which will tie together the look you're seeking.


If you have acquired a new house, our team can provide free and professional advice on how to decorate and furnish it. Plus, if you want custom made products, we'll get them made affordably in factories overseas.


It's a measure of our reputation that despite the hard economic times we are doing excellent business. Indeed, Harbour Furniture is a clear example of how to run a successful business!


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